About Us

About Us

&BAM was conceived to solve our own problem – Dave and Tristan shared the same underlying existential crisis. Going bald. Getting old.

After years of emotionally and financially investing in snake oils and pseudoscience, taking us from clinics and chemists to laser treatment and plant stem cell therapy, and after being the butt of all the friendly banter, it hit home that there was a bigger problem at play. We started with the simple idea that men deserve better personal care products, they should know what is in them, how they work, and whether it was for them. There was no brand or product that existed yet to honestly, truthfully, and certifiably solve one of our deepest insecurities, and knowing that no other brand was going to give us what we wanted, we knew we had to create it for ourselves. 

Lacking the scientific know-how to get Coca Cola and Mentos to explode, we sought out a scientific co-founder. With a remarkable 50-year career as a biochemist that included working with the Nobel Prize Winner of Chemistry and heading up R&D for global beer conglomerate SABMiller, as Global Chief Brewer, Dave and Tristan coerced Barry out of retirement, and a unique team was formed - the first of its kind. Does Forbes have an 80 under 80 list?

Over the course of building &BAM, we will share what we have learned about hair loss and ageing and open the lid on the emotions that it has evoked within us as founders. We will share our stories authentically and encourage you to share yours.

Our approach is to build &BAM with you and for you. We have set out with a mission to tackle men’s ageing insecurities. Occasionally, we also test out the brewing inventions from Barry’s previous life.  

Modern men, active lads, and super dads are setting a new standard and we intend to lead the charge. Join us on the journey.

Trust us, we’re you.