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Clinically Proven Hair Loss Treatment for Men 

How to Get Growing:

  1. Complete the Online Doctors' Consultation - There is a once-off cost of R150 for the consultation (which is refunded if you’re not suitable for &BAM). This cost includes all ongoing care, repeat scripting, and doctor check-ups. Within 24 hours, a doctor will contact you to discuss your medical history and propose a treatment plan.
  2. Choose a Treatment Plan - Once confirmed, you’ll receive an email with a link to your recommended hair loss treatment plan.
  3. Subscribe and Pay - Sign-up and pay for your doctor-approved plan. You can pay monthly or quarterly. We will always deliver 3-months’ worth of product at a time.
  4. Get Free Follow-Ups and Ongoing Care - Unheard of support on your journey to a solid lid of hair. &BAM customers get free ongoing care, repeat scripting and doctor check-ups.

The Ins and Outs of your Personalised Treatment Plan:

  1. South African law prevents us from naming specific details on treatments until a doctor has had an online consultation with you.
  2. &BAM only utilises registered medical doctors who prescribe evidence-based and clinically proven treatments.
  3. The exact treatment chosen, the cost, and important safety information will be shared with you before you commit to proceed.

What’s Included?

This is the Personalised Hair Loss Treatment, Shampoo and Conditioner Plan. It includes the &BAM hair growth stimulating shampoo and lock-in conditioner.

  • A Personalised Hair Loss Treatment
    • Your treatment plan may contain prescription hair loss products, pursuant to a doctor’s consultation. These treatments can only be disclosed after a consultation with a doctor.
  • The &BAM Growth Stimulating Hair Loss Shampoo:
    • This is a science-first, non-prescription hair loss shampoo with active ingredients formulated to reduce the levels of DHT (the hair loss hormone) in the scalp and leave your hair feeling and looking full and healthy.
  • The Hydrating Lock-In Conditioner:
    • Scientifically formulated to complement the &BAM hair loss range, bringing your hair to life and providing important nutrients to stimulate growth and keep your hair on point.

Directions for Use

  • Personalised Prescription Treatment
    • If prescribed, the directions for use will be explained by the doctor. You’ll receive an email that clearly explains how to use your treatment. We also include these instructions in your kit box.
  • Growth Stimulating Shampoo:
    • Massage into the scalp when washing your hair
    • Leave on for 2-minutes before washing out
    • Recommended use is 3-4 times per week
    • Safe to use on a daily basis
  • Lock-In Conditioner:
    • Use on clean, wet hair
    • Massage into your scalp, distributing from root to tip
    • Leave the lather on your hair for 2-minutes
    • Rinse thoroughly 
    • Use regularly and in conjunction with the &BAM Shampoo