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Clinically Proven Hair Loss Treatment for Men 

How to Get Growing:

  1. Complete the Online Doctors' Consultation - There is a once-off cost of R150 for the consultation (which is refunded if you’re not suitable for &BAM). This cost includes all ongoing care, repeat scripting, and doctor check-ups. Within 24 hours, a doctor will contact you to discuss your medical history and propose a treatment plan.
  2. Choose a Treatment Plan - Once confirmed, you’ll receive an email with a link to your recommended hair loss treatment plan.
  3. Subscribe and Pay - Sign-up and pay for your doctor-approved plan. You can pay monthly or quarterly. We will always deliver 3-months’ worth of product at a time.
  4. Get Free Follow-Ups and Ongoing Care - Unheard of support on your journey to a solid lid of hair. &BAM customers get free ongoing care, repeat scripting and doctor check-ups.

The Ins and Outs of your Personalised Treatment Plan:

  1. South African law prevents us from naming specific details on treatments until a doctor has had an online consultation with you.
  2. &BAM only utilises registered medical doctors who prescribe evidence-based and clinically proven treatments.
  3. The exact treatment chosen, the cost, and important safety information will be shared with you before you commit to proceed.

What’s Included?

This is the Personalised Hair Loss Treatment Plan. It does not include the &BAM hair growth stimulating shampoo or lock-in conditioner.

  • A Personalised Hair Loss Treatment
    • Your treatment plan may contain prescription hair loss products, pursuant to a doctor’s consultation. These treatments can only be disclosed after a consultation with a doctor.

Directions for Use

  • Personalised Prescription Treatment
    • If prescribed, the directions for use will be explained by the doctor. You’ll receive an email that clearly explains how to use your treatment. We also include these instructions in your kit box.

    Subscription and Delivery

    Why is it a subscription?

    We're all about upfront transparency, so we want you to know that treating hair loss is a long-term commitment. To get results (and keep them) you need to use our product every day. This is why all our hair loss plans come in a subscription, which makes it easy for you to stay consistent with your hair loss treatment. Depending on your billing selection you will be charged monthly or quarterly. Regardless of this selection, we will always deliver 3-months’ worth of product at a time.

    Can I cancel my subscription?

    Anytime. The only disclaimer is that if you are paying monthly but just received a 3-month kit, you’ll need to pay the outstanding 2-months before you can cancel.

    Do you ship anywhere in South Africa?

    Anywhere in Mzansi is fair game for us 😊

    What are the delivery costs?

    Delivery is on us for all subscription kits and orders over R500. If your order is below R500, we charge a flat fee of R75 for delivery. 

    Where does &BAM ship?

    &BAM ships anywhere nationwide in South Africa.

    How long until I receive my order?

    Getting you your first kit typically takes around 10 days. Once your package is en route, you will get notified by email with the tracking details.

    How do I change my shipping address?

    Please send an email to David@getandbam.com

    About the Personalised Treatment

    How do I get a personalised treatment?

    1. You complete the online doctors consult (which costs R150).
    2. A doctor will contact you to discuss your medical history and propose a treatment plan. You’ll receive the treatment plan over email.
    3. You subscribe to the doctor-approved plan. The kits will include the doctor-prescribed treatment as well as your choice of supporting add-on products, like the growth stimulating shampoo and lock-in conditioner.
    4. You will be charged monthly or quarterly.
    5. We ship you 3-months’ worth of product every 3-months.
    6. You can chat to a doctor anytime.

    What ingredients are used in the treatment?

    Local laws prevent us from sharing our medical ingredients until you’ve chatted to our doctor. We recommend reading our blog to learn more about effective hair loss treatments. 

    Are there any side effects?

    Local laws prevent us from sharing this information until you’ve chatted to our doctor. The doctor will share all the information you need to know. You can also check out our blog where we dive into some of the side effects caused by effective hair loss treatments.

      Frequently Asked Hair Loss Questions

      You asked, we answered

      • What's the cause of hair loss?

        News flash, most men go bald! The most common type of hair loss is due to a genetic condition known as Male Pattern Balding (medically referred to as Androgenic or Androgenetic Alopecia). This type of hair loss is preventable and treatable, so if you’ve started to notice more hair loss than usual, get in touch with a doctor!

      • Does it matter if I am completely bald?

        The best way to treat male pattern hair loss is to treat it early, proactively, and consistently. If you have been bald for a number of years, it may not be possible to get great results. We are very upfront about results management, so if our doctor thinks your chances are slim, we’ll let you know!

      • If I use your treatment, how long does it take before I see results?

        There is no such thing as a quick fix - it's all about consistency. The treatment gets to work immediately, but it could take 3-6 months for noticeable results. You can expect our treatment to work on the hairline, vertex, and crown of your scalp.