Why Is Jeff Bezos Bald?

Why Is Jeff Bezos Bald?

You may have ruined your day once or twice by thinking, ‘if Jeff Bezos is bald, there’s no hope for me’. You wouldn’t be alone in that line of thought, because it kind of makes sense (even though it’s wrong). If the richest man in the world couldn’t save his hair, what hope is there for those of us with thinning hair and slim bank accounts? Jeff Bezos’ baldness could be down to a range of factors, and it doesn’t mean that hair loss treatment and prevention don’t work.


He Missed Early Treatment

The two giants in hair loss treatment, Minoxidil and Finasteride, have been FDA-approved since the late 1990s. While that’s a lot of time and evidence to back them up and prove their efficacy, by that time, Bezos would’ve been in his thirties, which means that he, like 30% of men could have already experienced significant hair loss and been too far gone for them to work their wonders. Minoxidil and Finasteride are a formidable team when it comes to battling balding, but they’re only effective so long as you have enough hair. Once a follicle loses its capacity to hold a strand of hair, no amount of treatment will resurrect it.

That leaves an expensive last resort that isn’t for everyone – a hair transplant. Which brings us to our next point.


Maybe He Likes Being Bald

Fast forward from game boys and grunge to the present. Bezos is totally bald, and rich enough for a flawless hair transplant millions of times over. Why is he still bald? If hair transplants really work, wouldn’t he have had one by now? Or maybe he has had one and it went dismally?

Now, we’re just overthinking. Perhaps he simply didn’t see the benefit of a hair transplant, because it isn’t that important to him, and it wouldn’t have been worth the pain. Or maybe, Bezos is bald because he likes it. After all, that hairless head of his is iconic, and there’s nothing wrong with being bald.

Elon Musk’s scalp has gone from zero to hero along with his fame and fortune, illustrating the potential for hair transplants to completely change the hair loss game, so if Bezos wanted a hair transplant, he’d get one.


When is it too late to save my hair?

As we’ve said, it’s possible Jeff Bezos is bald because he missed out on treating his hair loss early enough to keep his hair. But how late is too late?

As long as your hair follicles aren’t totally dead, there’s hope for you. Over time, DHT can make your follicles completely inactive. If you’ve reached this stage of male pattern hair loss, finasteride and minoxidil won’t help, so the sooner you get professional help, the better.

If you’re concerned about losing your hair, seek treatment as soon as possible. The longer you leave it, the less loss Finasteride can prevent, and the less likely it is that Minoxidil will encourage new growth effectively. Consult a doctor online or in person for a personalised prognosis and treatment plan.


What can I do to save my hair?

If you still have hair, starting a regular Finasteride and Minoxidil treatment is your best bet. Finasteride works to reduce the DHT levels in your scalp and protect your follicles while Minoxidil encourages regeneration and growth. Using these two medications frequently will preserve your hair and can give you your best chance at regrowth.

If you’ve already lost a significant amount of hair, a hair transplant is your only shot at a full head of hair. It isn’t for everyone and it’s generally a last resort because it’s expensive and can hurt a little, and it can look uneven or unnatural if you go with the wrong doctor. If you’re considering a hair transplant, you definitely want to use a reputable doctor -  a botched surgery won’t be the confidence boost you’re looking for.

If you’ve lost a lot of hair, considering embracing baldness is an important step. If the costs and risks involved with a hair transplant aren’t for you, embracing baldness like Bezos will bring you peace – and who knows – it might bring you billion dollar wealth, too.

Whatever Bezos’ reason for baldness, it isn’t really anyone’s business, and just because he doesn’t have a luscious mane, it doesn’t mean he’s unhappy, or that hair loss prevention and treatment methods don’t work. Your hair loss journey is your own. You can decide if you want to pursue the locks of yesteryear, or if you’d rather rock a smooth scalp. The choice is yours. Whatever you choose, we say do it for you.


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