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    Oral Treatment

    ✔ Daily tablet
    ✔ Easy to follow
    ✔ 3-6 months to see results*
    ✔ Pause or cancel anytime

    A common concern with higher dose oral treatments is the risk of side effects, but by tailoring treatment to find your minimum effective dose, we can maximise your results and minimise the likelihood of experiencing side effects. 

    From R299/month

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    Topical Foam Treatment

    ✔ Easy, once-daily application
    ✔ Quick drying
    ✔ Results in 3-6 months*
    ✔ Pause or cancel anytime

    For years the only options to treat hair loss were pills or messy drops, now there’s another option. With &BAM, this all in one quick-drying foam (applied to your hair/scalp) prevents hair loss and helps regrow your hair with clinically proven ingredients.

    From R419/month

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I started to embrace balding, then I came across Andbam, and realised instead of being Bruce Willis in Die Hard, I could be Nicolas Cage in Con Air!
I saw results really early, and I'm looking forward to my wife helping me braid my hair!

Scott Smith

&BAM has really made the difficult and often sensitive conversation about hair loss such a breeze. I have been using their products for the past few months and it been an absolute pleasure interacting with the team. Definitely the easiest experience I've had, from the consultation process, to receiving the products and the follow-ups from the team thereafter.

Christopher Shezi

I've tried lots of hair loss treatments and some of those were really costly. &Bam offers tailored products that work, and that are affordable. I appreciate that this can all be done from the comfort of my home, and that it really works.

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. I would highly recommend them to anyone :)

Poovendran Baccus

Really fortunate to have come across &BAM, their incredible products and amazing service. Thabiso from &BAM often goes out of his way to ensure I always have my products. The results I've experienced are incredible, very chuffed to have my hair back after I thought I would have to accept thinning hair.

Matthew Lane


What type of hair loss do you treat?

We treat the most common type of hair loss. It’s called Male Pattern Balding (medically referred to as Androgenic or Androgenetic Alopecia). This type of hair loss is genetic, but it’s preventable and treatable, so if you’ve started to notice more hair loss than usual, start your online doctor consultation.

Can I use &BAM if I'm already bald?

The best way to treat male pattern hair loss is to treat it early, proactively, and consistently. If you have been bald for a few years, it may not be possible to get great results. A doctor will let you know if your chances of seeing results are slim.

Is there a cure for hair loss?

No, there isn’t currently a cure for hair loss – so watch out for any company claiming they can sell you a “cure.” There are however effective and well-studied treatments available that can slow hair loss or even help you regrow your hair – you’ll just need to chat with a doctor to learn more.

How long after starting treatment can you expect to see results?

Typically, within 3 to 6 months of treatment you can expect to see results. Everyone is different so some individuals see results sooner and for others it may take up to a year to start seeing results.

For how long do I need to use the hair loss treatment?

Due to the nature of the medication used to treat hair loss, you have to continue to use the treatment for as long as you want to maintain the effect. If you stop treatment, your hair will regress to where you were before starting treatment, and your hair loss will continue to worsten.

Is it normal to see an increase in shedding in the first few weeks of treatment?

Yes. The hair loss treatment will shorten the resting phase of your hair cycle and cause the hairs to enter their growing phase earlier. This may result in the detachment of some of the old hairs as they are replaced by newer replacement hairs. So, if you do notice an increase in shedding, don’t panic. Keep applying the treatment, the shedding should subside, and you will start to get newer and
better hair growth.

How often do I use treatment?

Generally, the treatment is taken or applied once a day. However, your consulting doctor may increase or decrease the frequency of treatment.

Are there side effects?

As with all prescription medication, there is the potential for side effects to occur. The
doctor will discuss all the side effects with you during your online consultation. Although those side effects are concerning to anyone, they only affect a very small percentage of men when treating male pattern baldness. Emerging research also suggests that the chances of side effects are significantly lower when treatment is used topically instead of orally.

Can females use your treatments?

No. For female specific hair loss solutions, drop us a WhatsApp.