User Consent to Process Health Data

When you provide Andbam (Pty) Ltd (“We”/”Us”) with your medical history and related health information

You, the User, consent to us collecting, storing, disclosing, sharing and processing your medical history and related health information (“health data”) in accordance with this consent form.

Type of information processed by us based on your consent

  • Health data – such as data about your health and wellbeing, including:
    • existing medical conditions and history, including highly sensitive conditions such as your status for:
      • HIV or AIDS; and
      • Cancer or malignancy.
    • previous hospital admissions and surgeries.
    • past and existing diagnosis, lab results, treatments, prescriptions, chronic medication, supplements, herbals, and dosages.
    • Lifestyle and habits such as fitness and stress levels, and consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and banned or illegal products, to the extent that they may associate with, contribute to, or worsen the relevant condition.
    • Dermatological or rheumatological events, conditions and symptoms such as dandruff and rheumatological disorders or diseases.
    • Endocrine related conditions and symptoms such as thyroid or liver disease.
    • Cardiovascular conditions and symptoms such as blood pressure and cholesterol.
    • Respiratory conditions and symptoms such as asthma and bronchitis.
    • Mental health conditions and symptoms such as depression or bipolar disorder.
    • Sexual and reproductive health-related conditions and symptoms such as erectile dysfunction and sexual behaviour.
    • other physical and emotional characteristics to the extent that they are relevant to proper clinical assessment, or treatment by the doctor.
    • data about any of your parents, family or other relatives’ health conditions to the extent that they are relevant to proper clinical assessment or treatment by the doctor.

How will we collect this information?

  • Health data is collected directly and voluntarily from you when answering the medical and health assessment on (“the Platform”) and once you have clicked ‘submit’.

Legal basis and purpose for processing this information

We rely upon your consent under this form to process this information for the following purposes:

  • Identifying and contact data is processed by the Company to verify your identity as a contractual party and may be used to enforce or defend our legal rights in relation to our services, and to enable the doctor to properly identify you as a patient.
  • Heath data is processed by us as an intermediary to:
    • provide you and the servicing doctor with a telemedicine platform to enable you to receive accurate, quality and timely clinical assessments, prescriptions, refills, appointment scheduling, and education from the doctors;
    • supply the servicing doctor with accurate medical history to enable them to accurately perform their healthcare services to you and identify potential risks to any treatment. The questionnaire is compiled in consultation with doctors;
    • store and preserve your data on behalf of both you and the doctor to ensure you both have access to accurate information (i.e. record keeping) for your continuity of care, proper clinical assessment and treatment, in your best interests.
  • We collect and process prescription and non-prescription product details (items, dosages and quantities) you may need from us so that we can process your orders and ship them to you. The types of products could potentially reveal medical conditions or treatment.

Sharing, Sale and Security of this information

  • We do not sell any personal information to anyone.
  • Health data, identity and contact information is shared and disclosed to:
    • the servicing doctor specified in our Terms of Service through the Platform to allow them to provide the requested healthcare services;
    • our cloud-based electronic forms platform provider we use to administer forms, and to collect and preserve health data:
      • our contracted e-forms provider is subject to strict confidentiality and stores your health data in the United States of America and/or Europe.
      • in each case, this provider is also subject to legislation protecting your data, being HIPAA and GDPR respectively.
      • You understand and accept the risks of transferring this data outside of South Africa as detailed in our Terms of Service (e.g. possible breaches of confidentiality).
    • we may share prescription and non-prescription product details (item, dosage, quantities) with our pharmacy partner(s) with your permission to arrange payment and delivery.
  • We take necessary measures to protect all your information, including the use of firewalls, encryption, passwords, anti-virus and various other security measures which are fully described in our Privacy Policy.

Free and Voluntary collection

Whilst it is voluntary to provide us with this information (i.e. You may choose not to use the Platform), we will likely be unable to allow you to access or use the Platform. If you do not consent (or later withdraw your consent), we will have the right, at our sole discretion, to terminate the services provided. You may choose to contact the relevant doctor directly, or seek professional medical assistance elsewhere.

Withdrawal of Consent and how to access your Data Protection Rights

You are aware that:

  • you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time by informing us via email at stating that you “wish to withdraw my consent to processing my personal data.”   You are also entitled to object to the processing of your personal data and to obtain a copy of your personal data at any time;
  • your further rights are explained in detail in our Privacy Policy, which you confirm having read and understood.


You hereby agree that we and the servicing doctors shall not incur liability, and no claims against us will be made for any compensation in respect of any document or information provided by you in respect of yourself or third parties. Furthermore, we or the doctor will not be held liable for relying on any inaccurate, misleading or outdated personal information that you provide to us.