About the Personalised Treatment

How do I get a personalised treatment?

  1. You complete the online doctors consult (which costs R150).
  2. A doctor will contact you to discuss your medical history and propose a treatment plan. You’ll receive the treatment plan over email.
  3. You subscribe to the doctor-approved plan. The kits will include the doctor-prescribed treatment as well as your choice of supporting add-on products, like the growth stimulating shampoo and lock-in conditioner.
  4. You will be charged monthly or quarterly.
  5. We ship you 3-months’ worth of product every 3-months.
  6. You can chat to a doctor anytime.

What ingredients are used in the treatment?

Local laws prevent us from sharing our medical ingredients until you’ve chatted to our doctor. We recommend reading our blog to learn more about effective hair loss treatments. 

Are there any side effects?

Local laws prevent us from sharing this information until you’ve chatted to our doctor. The doctor will share all the information you need to know. You can also check out our blog where we dive into some of the side effects caused by effective hair loss treatments.