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Does wearing a cap or hat cause hair loss?

No, there is no evidence to suggest that the wearing of caps or hats causes hair loss. In fact, extra sun protection for the scalp is recommended in those with thinning hair, as there is less of a barrier against the sun’s rays.

What type of hair loss do you treat? 

We treat the most common type of male hair loss. It’s called Male Pattern Balding (medically referred to as Androgenic Alopecia). This type of hair loss is genetic, but it’s preventable and treatable, so if you’ve started to notice more hair loss than usual, start your online assessment.

Is there a cure for hair loss?

No, there isn’t currently a cure for hair loss – so watch out for any company claiming they can sell you a “cure.” There are however effective and well-studied treatments available that can slow hair loss or even help you regrow your hair – you’ll just need to chat with a doctor to learn more.

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